Payment Options and Financing

At Westbank Dental and Implant Centre, we offer many payment options and financing plans through DentalCard to help you, our patients, afford the treatment you need. Investing in dental health is an important component of maintaining your overall health.


For patients with insurance, Westbank Dental and Implant Centre accepts all insurance plans. If you cannot find your plan or if you are not sure that the office will accept your plan, give Westbank Dental & Implant Center in West Kelowna a call to verify. Because we are committed to making the dental care experience helpful and accessible, we offer direct insurance billing.Direct insurance billing means that we electronically submit your claim to your insurance company who will pay our clinic directly. You do not have to pay for your dental treatment upfront and then wait for your insurance company to reimburse you under direct insurance billing. You may still be responsible for paying a fee if there is a difference between your insurance coverage and the cost of dental treatment, such as a co-pay. For example, if your insurance company pays for 90 percent of dental procedures, you would be responsible for paying the remaining 10 percent at our clinic. Direct insurance billing is a free service provided by our clinic. As the policyholder, you are responsible for knowing your insurance policy and coverage amounts.With your permission, we can call your insurance company on your part and get your insurance analysis. This will give our team members the details of your policy, including maximums, covered procedures, and eligibility for new exams or x-rays. We are always ready to help. Should you have any questions concerning your insurance policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit us at Westbank Dental and Implant Centre in West Kelowna for a happy, healthy smile you can count on.

Other Payment Options Include


Debit or Credit Card- major credit cards accepted

Financing Options

Dentalcard offers a variety of ways you can pay for your dental services. You can choose to finance the full amount, or Dentalcard can finance a portion. Your equal monthly payments can also be customized to suit your budget; payment options range from 6 months to 6 years…it’s so easy.

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