Dental Bonding Near You

Have you been feeling self-conscious when you smile or eat? If so, you should speak with a nearby dentist about exploring cosmetic-based treatments. Several options can improve the look as well as the function of your teeth, and one such service is dental bonding in West Kelowna.

This process is painless and can be completed in just one appointment. To gather more information about this, we encourage you to reach out to our neighbourhood dental practice today.

Dental Bonding in West Kelowna

The Treatment Explained

Dental bonding is a service that utilizes tooth-colored composite resin to improve the appearance of teeth. Though follow-up visits are not typically necessary, the extent of the work needed to reshape a patient’s smile can be a factor.

The process begins with a family dentist near you using a shade guide to select a resin colour that closely matches the colour of your natural smile. The surface of the tooth itself is then roughened using a unique solution to help the resin bond better. Then, the actual resin material is applied and shaped to meet the patient’s preferences. A special light is then used to harden the resin, which bonds it to the tooth’s surface.

Dental bonding can be used to repair teeth that are chipped, cracked, or decayed. It can also be used to close gaps between teeth, improve the appearance of discoloured teeth, or change the shape of a tooth. The procedure is relatively non-invasive and typically does not require any anesthesia.

Bonded Fillings

Also called composite fillings, bonded fillings are a type of dental filling that is another method used to restore teeth. The resin used to alter the appearance of a tooth cosmetically can also seal a tooth once all the decay and bacteria have been cleared away.

These types of fillings are particularly popular due to their discreetness.

Do note that the bonding material is less strong or as durable than silver amalgam fillings, meaning that they may need to be repaired or replaced periodically.

Reach Out to Our Team

Your smile is an integral part of your confidence and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Westbank Dental Care & Implant Centre, our whole team is at your service, and we look forward to being a part of your unique dental journey.

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