Our Team

Dr. Vikas RajGeneral Dentist

Originally from India, Dr. Vikas raj received his dental degree from Dashmesh Institute of Research & Dental Sciences in Faridkot, Punjab in 1999. He has been taking care of Indian, Canadian and American patients in India for the last 18 years and owned a 5-operatory dental practice in India. As he came to know, Canadian dental exams conducted by NDEB Canada are the toughest and demanded the finest skills in the world. He decided to take that challenge and cleared those exams in 2017.

Dr. Raj is highly trained in all aspects of dentistry including Restorative, Surgical, Endodontics and Prosthetics. He participates in numerous Dental Continuing Education courses and seminars seeking further new developments in dentistry. For anxious patients, he has completed the course in Inhalation & Oral Sedation in Dentistry. He has also completed courses in India on implants and Orthodontics.

Dr. Raj believes “Not to stay in the limits you already know”. He also believes having a family is the greatest blessing. His wife Dr. Meera Raj is also a dentist and mother to their daughter Nandinee and son Ranveer. The family lived in India with his parents and he says a joined family is more strength, more love and more fun. Dr. Raj’s grandfather started a school for children in India who couldn’t afford quality education, and his parents and wife have donated a lot of their time to the 1200 at DAV School AHMEDGARH (Punjab).